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As demand from residential and commercial construction markets continues to grow and consumers and businesses continue to seek ways to reduce water usage and maintenance costs of their lawns and green spaces, artificial turf and grass installations are expected to increase significantly. 

In order to fill this growing demand, the market NEEDS Certified Artificial Grass Installers.

GardenMark would like to invite you to a half-day training seminar where you will learn how to install synthetic turf and become a "Certified Artificial Grass Installer".  Get in early on this fast fast-growing trend. 

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Artificial grass as playground for kids

Many schools, gardens and children’s nurseries across the country are affected by muddy puddles preventing kids from enjoying the nourishing outdoors. A synthetic lawn installation could be a highly benefitting alternative and in many cases it has given children the freedom to play outside the whole year. There are several advantages of artificial turf in these situations.


Artificial grass – the lawn of the future

The market for artificial grass is growing rapidly. The reasons are improved manufacturing techniques and rising awareness about its environmental and economic benefits. Having a well maintained lawn does not necessarily mean rising costs for upkeep and hefty maintenance. Advance in synthetic grass technology has made way for eco-friendly and cutting edge products that are far more nourished when compared to the products of 1970’s. When the concept was marketed for the first time, it found its way into just the richest sporting clubs but today, one may hope to find an artificial turn in a home backyard. Artificial grass looks and feels just like the real grass. It is amazingly durable and can last for more number of years than natural grass and that too with very little maintenance. Unaware guests would not be able to tell between a new artificial grass lawn and a lush natural garden. Moreover, synthetic lawns are much more softer compared to the gravel and concrete you get in natural lawns and certainly more hygenic when it comes to kids playing on them. In most cases, an artificial lawn serves the same purposes as expected from natural lawns.


Artificial turf – an important element of interior and exterior design

The original intention of coming up with the artificial turf technology was use in outdoor areas like football fields and basketball courts. However, it has proven so useful in itself that it is now used in both residential and recreational purposes, but the potential still doesn’t stop here.


How synthetic grass saves money

Grass is the basic element in all gardens. The good thing today is that one has the opportunity to choose between natural grass and artificial lawns – without too much of a difference between the two. Many people opt for synthetic turf because of the various advantages it provides like saving money and time. On top of that, synthetic lawns can balance with environmental factors and improve lifestyle.


Is artificial turf safe for home garden?

Synthetic grass is more preferred than natural lawns these days. The technology is rightly applied to playgrounds, day care, football fields, school and home backyards, making safety an integral part of the installation. Rubber and sand are the general in-fills and this makes the material more stable. Most faux grasses are made of soft materials and players will succumb to lesser amount of injuries like ankle strains, head injuries or knee sprains. Artificial grass is usually made of polypropylene and polyethylene and this material share the property of being stain proof and is not a good ground for bacterial growth to take place. For kids and even your pets, this grass is a complete hygenic idea and there is nothing to get worried about.


Synthetic grass and pet


Quite a number of pet owners are using fake lawns. The first question they ask before getting this new installation is always about how their pet is going to react to the new thing. The majority are dog owners as cats like to curl up on the bed or under the dining table. Dog owners can be rest assured that the animals treat the synthetic material just like real grass. Installing an artificial turf will benefit both the pet and its owner in several ways.

Keeps both the pet and the garden clean


Synthetic lawns in the swimming pool

Swimming pool landscaping is a tad more difficult job than landscaping your backyard. Homes with swimming pools are ideal residential plans and this is where most of the family time will be spent and parties entertained. However when you have decided to have a swimming pool in your backyard or rooftop, it should bring in some natural essence. Olympic Games pools are not something we would want I our homes. Natural surrounding provides calmness, privacy, and help the pool blend with the rest of the house landscape.


What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass or synthetic turf is used in manmade arenas for sporting events meant to be played on grass but without the need to deal with the mud, trimming or irrigation. Gradually, the idea is being used in residential lawns and other commercial plots as well. Another important advantage of artificial grass is that they can be installed in indoor or in shady stadiums. There is no need for exposure to sunlight.


Advantages compared to synthetic turf natural grass

Artificial lawns, fake lawns, synthetic lawns


If you are already into sports, you must have noticed artificial turfs being used in the majority of grounds and the growing popularity for the product. Artificial lawns are seen as a replacement for natural grounds for a number of playing surfaces and for household and commercial use too. Residential and commercial plot developers have realized that the more they use, the more reasons that they find to use synthetic surfaces as an alternative for natural lawns.


Artificial grass - grass ready

Artificial grass, fake grass, artificial turf


A casual glance at the golf course or the plush lawns in the resorts will make you wonder how the grass always looks so fresh and green. Sometimes, you will think that this cannot be real. You have been trying to maintain you small garden in your backyard, and no two days the grass looks the same. Well, if you are not already aware of something called artificial grass, start realizing what technology and innovation can do for you.


Artificial grass and artificial products

Fake grass, fake lawns, lawn artificial


Products are constantly being replaced by something more advanced and when it comes to the ones high in popularity, one would not possibly able to resister the number of variants it could have. While there are cheap and affordable alternatives to the expensive variants of fake grass, the choice also depends on the functionality and the ground of installation. Artificial lawn manufacturers are always in profits due to the growing demand for the product. The growing advantage with superior technology makes sure that each complaint is being taken proper care of and better products are coming to the market. Another important factor is the various enhancements that come included in the product line and this secures more clients in the long run.


Artificial grass lawn substitute real

Synthetic lawns, fake lawns, lawn artificial


Artificial lawns have long been used in sporting arenas and commercial and residential lawns. Fake turfs are great for places where grass cannot be grown. These will include terraces, paths, poolside areas, and indoor yards. Fake lawns are much more lightweight and attractive than gravel, concrete and mud. It can be swiped, washed and in contrast to concrete looks much more natural.


Artificial turf - green garden all the year

Artificial grass,synthetic lawn, synthetic turf


There are several reasons to go for synthetic lawns over natural grass. However, the best reason is that your lawn will look green and fresh all-round the year without any yellow patches and seasonal barrenness. Moreover they are ten times easier to maintain and there would be no trouble of your garden being muddy or extremely hard to walk on.


Artificial turf and a romantic park

Synthetic turf, artificial lawn, artificial turf


You must have admired the lush spread on the golf course sometimes and wondered if you could spend some time with your love in the fresh and inviting surface. When it comes to natural parks, they provide an opportunity to lose yourself in nature and be with your mate and discuss preety issue or just sit silently and imbibe in the freshness. However, the cities today are fast losing their natural plots and the ones that exist are worse surfaces due to pollution and being the only breeding place for insects, pests and other creepy things. You wouldn’t want a surprise scream from your girlfriend when you two are busy discussing the life ahead and completely lost in each other. While natural gardens are becoming a difficult option, we have a better alternative in the form of artificial lawns that look just the same and provide you with the same functionality as a natural lawn, if not more. 


Artificial turf and natural resources

Artificial grass, artificial lawns, lawn artificial


A lot is being said and done towards the conservation of our natural resources. Our environment is in a stage where it needs utmost protection from us humans and we are responsible to help the cause in every way possible. Several organizations are coming up with new ways to reduce the burden on the planet and many households are actively following the developments. Modern innovation can rightly contribute to the cause and an artificial lawn is one way to promote the salvation of our dear planet.


Artificial turf indulgence or a necessity

Fake lawn, artificial lawns, synthetic turf


When you plan to have a healthy, manicured and beautiful lawn around your doorstep, you may also begin to realize that the cost of maintenance is gradually beginning to bother you and it is calling for a whole lot of time and effort to be put in. In the busy schedules that we have, it is normally not possible to give enough of your time to these necessities. You bring in a gardener who again charges you and a regular expenditure lurks freely on your budget sheet. Spend money in buying pesticides, rent mowers, have all types of safety installations, bring in a gardener and devote some of your time to the proceedings. On top of all of this, your water and electricity bills go up and you unknowingly pollute the ground water table by the various chemicals you have been using to keep your lawn green. All of this is a lot of trouble for you and the world. While having a green and uniformly mowed lawn may be an indulgence, it is a necessity in the present context to go for a better alternative that serves both purposes. With an artificial lawn you save a lot of resources, money and energy and your lawn looks green and fresh at the same time.


Benefits of Artificial turf

Fake grass, artificial turf, synthetic turf


The world saw the first artificial turf when David Chaney and his team came up with the idea for AstroTurf. Since then, the idea has been worked upon and today we have the most outstanding materials that easily replace natural lawns. The idea has gained huge popularity among both residential and commercial plot owners and there are a variety of turfs available today suited to every budget and requirement.


Forget from insect in your lawn synthetic turf

Synthetic lawns, lawn artificial


It is quite difficult to maintain a natural lawn and this makes you go for the more affordable alternative of an artificial spread that’s easy to maintain and can be managed with lot less an expense. Artificial grass may require heavy expense during the initial stages of installation but over the year’s one would realize that the expenses on maintenance have gone down drastically. There will be no need for watering, seeding, mowing and the lawn can be put to use for various other purposes. It improves the quality of landscaping with no uneven bumps that can get your kids injured or a chance for you dog to try and dig deep into the soil and get itself bitten by a scorpion or simply get itself dirty. Synthetic lawns will eliminate the necessity of a dedicated gardener who will look after the grass all the time. 


Are you tired in keeping your harden turf green

Fake lawns, fake grass, artificial turf


If you are an athlete or even a regular sport enthusiast, you would probably realize the impact that the playing surface has on your performance. Effecting the way players move into the game, they actually have an impact over the whole game. This is true for most sports. Whether you are using an acrylic surface, artificial turf or natural grass, one must always consider the type of material being used and the property of the court since the quality and efficiency of the court matters.


Children's room design with synthetic grass

Lawn artificial, fake grass, artificial grass


Kids like to play on the ground, get dirty and have fun. If your kid is particularly interested to explore the garden and likes the comfort of green grass, you may as well bring the grass home but without the mud, bugs and painful rocky chips. We are actually talking about artificial grass. If you are planning to refurbish your kid’s room and give it a unique touch, this is one of the best ways to achieve it.


Choosing synthetic grass garden - Points to Consider

Lawn artificial, fake lawn, synthetic lawn


Just planning to install an artificial lawn in your property is not the end of the discussion. There are a lot of things to consider – calling in a landscaping professional, the type of material required, specific purposes of the installation, budget and much more. It is not just finding a professional service from Yellow Pages and assigning them the job of your landscaping. A lot of research needs to be done. Call a few companies; ask the deals that they offer and you obviously will be going with the most cheaply and reliable one.


Colorful Artificial turf

Lawn artificial, synthetic lawn(s)


Artificial grass is advantageous in so many ways and remains as it is all round the year, be it winter, summer, rain or shine. However, if you like your lawn to represent the season exactly and don’t heighten the fake showoff (like a completely green lawn even during the snow), there are options that will give a more natural touch to the spread. While the falls is represented by rustic colors, the spring and rains are the time when the grass is the brightest green. Your synthetic lawn installation can be easily modified and represent the various forms and colors of the year.


Compare prices before buying artificial turf

Artificial grass, synthetic lawns, synthetic turfs


As a home owner or a commercial business holder, you must be well aware about the necessity of comparing prices when it comes to any form of investment. Unless you are that rich a man, you will try to get the best out of the money invested and pay a reasonable price for any product. You may have the desire to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn in your backyard but the regular investment and the monotonous maintenance needs will always pinch you hard. The fact that this procedure has to be done regularly bites even further and you should be searching for a way to do away with all the tasks of tending the outdoors, yet keeping it functional. You may as well switch over to synthetic lawns and enjoy a series of benefits.


Design combined with artificial turf gardens

Artificial grass, artificial turf, synthetic lawns


Artificial grass has gained huge popularity in itself in the modern market and many homeowners are turning towards artificial installation from natural lawns. It would save a lot of time that would have been otherwise used in mowing the lawn. It in many ways is as good as natural grass and is specifically designed for residential lawns and commercial landscaping. Artificial landscaping offers unparalleled combination of durability, beauty and value. The grass looks and feels well maintained throughout and even in the most hostile climates, you would feel happy that you yard is still fresh. It never really burdens even the average homeowner once an artificial turf has been installed.


Design gardens - how to do it within a reasonable budget

Artificial lawn, fake lawn, synthetic lawns


Privacy is an essential requirement in the life of every individual. This is true in both urban and rural areas. Even in the rural areas, people are already practicing the methods of transforming the barren patches in their property to something useful. Weather you need solitude or a spot for medication, a lot of creative and green ideas could be generated with synthetic lawns. Either it is to separate your pool area from the swimming pool or coop the meditation garden such that neighbors are not disturbed by any noise; these products come with amazing benefits.


Design gardens with artificial turf - 2

Fake lawn, artificial turf, fake grass


The popularity and use of artificial grass has been augmenting with every passing day and the primary reasons are technological advancements in the field of synthetic gardening.


Synthetic grass - our grass is greener

Artificial lawns, artificial turf, synthetic turf


While we live in concrete gardens, we certainly love Mother Nature and try to incorporate as much as her in the form of plants and lush gardens. When it comes to designing green, artificial lawn is one of the most popular products. Though the installation will not bear flowers at any point of time, it really soothes the eye and gives the feel of a natural spread all around and all-round the year.


Do not wait - with - Artificial turf

Artificial grass, fake grass, lawn artificial


How often have your weekends begun with the tiring task of doing some yard work and less of sleep? At times you must have certainly felt that the yard work is never going to end and you wish you did not have all that grass! However, greenery is important around the house and there are effective ways to maintain it without too much of expenditure or hard work. A good alternative is artificial grass that will stay green all-round the year and requires the least amount of maintenance. It looks amazing if you have a spread of green and comes with several other benefits.


Ecological product Synthetic Lawns

Artificial lawns, fake lawns, synthetic lawn


Taking care of a natural lawn will soon wear you out. One needs to take care of all the monthly maintenance, water and electricity bills, and even purchasing costly tools like sprinklers, mowers. Instead, you may always want to make use of the synthetic lawn technology. Though this has some elements of plastic, it is really not a threat to the environment. Actually, it will help you in doing your bit for the environment. As opposed to the popular belief, this can contribute a lot to the environment. The first synthetic grass was used as AstroTurf and this came as a real alternative to grass. Gradually, with the help of science and technology we have developed products that are more reasonable and polite to the environment. Use of artificial lawns in Australia in fact saves millions of gallons of water every year. Being plastic grass, it need not be watered like in the case of real grass.


Economically affordable green products and environmental

Synthetic lawn, synthetic lawns, lawn artificial


These are the times when both the environmental and economic states of the world are facing rough challenges. This crisis has played a huge role in increasing the popularity of products like artificial turf that continue to reach higher levels. These turfs come with several advantages that benefit the environment and the user. This proves to be an amazing alternative to natural grass and its ability and practicality to conserve natural resources, money, time, and further fuel has led to its widespread use in the world. From individual property usage to professional sports, synthetic lawn adoption is continuously rising and has become a necessity now in many cases.


Garden design tips and maintenance

Synthetic lawn, synthetic turf, artificial grass


Artificial grass comes as an excellent alternative to natural grass. If you are located in a region where maintaining work very well. This turf are resistant even to the most extreme conditions and the brightness of the material doesn’t fade even after years of use. Artificial grass has not only become famous for its use in residential purposes but it is widely used as an alternative in international sporting grounds and playing fields. The initial investment that you make on artificial grass installation will never bother you as it one gradually realizes that it helps a lot of cost cutting on maintenance, water and electricity bills and a lot more. Unlike natural turfs, synthetic turfs wouldn’t require hours of regular watering, trimming, mowing but the steps to maintenance are really simple and quite a few.and growing of natural turf is a tough job, as in most of the cases, the artificial version would


Green - because it makes us feel good

Fake grass, artificial turf, artificial lawn


Fake grass was first used in sporting venues today, however, the dimensions of use has extended to a wider array of possibilities. Artificial turf is being used a garden and lawn installations and even in commercial complexes. The very nature of fresh green grass adds aesthetics to the décor of any arrangement. While it becomes too difficult with a natural spread requiring heavy maintenance and investment, fake grass seems to be an able enough alternative that could rightly take its place.


Green - Do it yourself

Fake lawn, artificial turf, synthetic turf


Installing artificial turf in your lawn could well be a DIY job and the procedures aren’t exactly too difficult. However, if you are not well prepared, there are ample chances that you miss out on something important and this could ruin all the hard work that you have put in. However, if you are really confused about the things to be done but have all the excitement, you should be taking the help of a professional.


Installing Synthetic Lawns on concrete

Fake grass, artificial grass, lawn artificial


Installing synthetic lawn just takes some few preparations and is more driven by the luxury and benefits and offers afterwards. While one can proceed in the DIY method, a professional would be helpful if you don’t have the time or the expertise. However, installing artificial lawn over concrete is a totally different thing than installing it in your garden over soil. The main difference that occurs in both cases is creating a drainage system. The material usually is highly porous and will let any liquid seep through. If the installation is done over soil, all the water that goes through the grass finally reaches the water table. When you are doing it on concrete surfaces, like roof top gardens or around swimming pools, customized drainage system needs to be installed. The procedure however is not too difficult and an agile mind will know what to do and when.


Relationship between artificial turf and a wise consumer

Fake grass, artificial turf, fake lawns


Whenever consumers think of installing fake lawns in their yard, they seem to be motivated by more than one reason. The reason for most though is that it is time saving and will ensure that the bills are a lot lowered. Having a couple of kids at home make it a riskier situation for them to be let out into the natural gardens. You never know when an accident might happen. Natural surfaces will obviously have uneven terrains and kids might stumble upon and scratch their knee, worst, break their leg. There is also the risk of snake and bug bites.


Synthetic grass - the grass is always greener

Artificial lawns, artificial grass, synthetic lawns


If your hands are itching to do something green try planting some trees. However, growing grass is not recommended as your conscience itself will know better. While all the grass may be natural and the feel and fragrance is virgin nature, all that automated sprinklers you have installed, the chemical treatment that you need to ensure and the polluting mowing practices are not in any way natural. You will not want your backyard to look like the Savanna Grasslands either and cut it all trimmed and clean. With artificial lawns, all of this is rightly taken care of and with the minimum budget on maintenance you would have a green spread in your yard for years to come.


Synthetic Grass is ready for your use

Artificial lawn, artificial turf, synthetic turf


There is nothing more beautiful than having a well maintained and well cared lawn in front of your house. The trimmed grass looks green at all times and one can really imbibe the natural fragrance and colors of grass. Unfortunately, the world is becoming a difficult place to live in. prices are increasing and we have less and less time to focus on issues at home. In this case, you either have to employ a gardener or do all of it yourself. The responsibilities would include regular watering, mowing, fertilizer treatment, weeding, and a lot of other things. However, would you like the whole weekend to be spent in the garden? You need to spend some time with your family, friends or even with yourself. For most, this is a burden. This is also the main reason why the popularity of artificial turf has gone up and with every passing year, more and more numbers of products are coming up.


Installing Synthetic Lawns professionally

Fake lawn, synthetic lawn, lawn artificial


A well maintained patch of green not just adds charm to the whole environment but will be the most comfortable place to have your sporting activities like hockey, football and anything that will involve running and beating the ground! However, the downside is that a natural surface is very difficult to maintain as it requires a lot of investment and labor. This is probably the reason that gave rise to the invention of synthetic lawns and since then the whole concept of natural green in playgrounds has completely changed.


Is Artificial Grass is expected to replace the real grass?

Artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic turf


Artificial grass can very easily replace natural surfaces and in almost every case. The technology is more preferably used in sporting grounds as it provides players a more comfortable, safe and stress free surface without any requirement to maintain it regularly. One never does have to worry about weeding, seeding, trimming, fertilizing, watering and this is what makes it the right choice among owners who need to have a good looking lawn in their backyard but would prefer not being bothered to invest more time, money and energy in it. It looks as elegant as a well maintained natural lawn and it stays the same way for years to come, be it rain or shine.


Is recyclable synthetic turf

Synthetic lawns, synthetic lawn, lawn artificial


The quality of fake grass available today has increased greatly from what it was some years ago. Finding a store is easy and the feel of the material is as good as natural turf. While the first AstroTurf was stiff and nubby, now we have materials that are the best of kinds. The changes in techniques of manufacturing and the huge growth in popularity are the main reason behind this. Synthetic lawn is a more environment friendly idea and an economic choice too. There are several advantages of using fake grass in your backyard than having a natural lawn that changes ugly colors with every season.


Landscaping with Synthetic Lawns

Artificial lawn, synthetic turf, artificial turf


Landscaping with artificial turf is the best solution for people who hate when their weekends are to be spent in the garden mowing, trimming and watering the surface. Perhaps the hot summers could be spent better in the poolside and under the shade of the tree rather than sweating around with that mower. Synthetic grass is the ideal solution to make your garden look fabulous all-round the year and once installed, you can choose to forget everything about maintenance and watering.


Life is a garden so green picnic

Synthetic lawns, artificial grass, synthetic turf


Residential backyards are ideal for synthetic turf installation – the reasons being that backyards are high traffic areas and need a lot of durability. Being frequented by kids and other members of the house, they should also be totally risk free and comfortable. Artificial lawns can be customized to fit any shape and size of lawn and there are various materials available that could easily blend with the surrounding. Landscaping could be done in a number of ways and with synthetic lawns; the benefits could be enjoyed for years to come. The grass now remains fresh, green and inviting all-round the year, be it rain or shine. Requiring very little amount of maintenance, the lawn looks healthy in all seasons and thus artificial turf has been so much more popular with homeowners having a taste.


Modern and attractive solution for the home garden

Fake lawns, artificial lawn, artificial turf


You may be amazed sometimes that your neighbor’s lawn always looks fresh and green and you may even take the trouble to ask to hire their gardener. Actually they wouldn’t have any. The green grass that you see all round the year is not natural and they don’t spend a penny in its maintenance! These people are smart enough and all is made good by the use of artificial turf. If you are not already aware of the technology, make sure you collect the information ASAP and make your garden a lovely place to be in and without the trouble of any form of maintenance!


Optimal solution artificial turf for children

Synthetic lawns, synthetic lawn, synthetic turf


Synthetic lawns present umpteen advantages for families and children. The natural behavior of kids would be to run around and consistently look for opportunities for a detour and play in the dirt. Even adults are no less. Everyone likes a fresh green spread and every opportunity to time in it. If one has a pet in the house, the lawn will be the favorite place to be in. dogs love lolling around all day and a green lawn will be a comfortable and healthy place to be in. in modern homes, parents find it difficult to give enough time to their kids. Thus they would love to make the best use of their weekends. Staying indoors is not too healthy. Indoor games have been the reason of several diseases including obesity, laziness, and other health and mental issues. With artificial grass, you certainly would give them an opportunity to get out of the house and explore life for themselves. Outdoor activities are very essential but you have to take care of all the risks associated at the same time.


Parameters to select high quality artificial turf

Fake grass, fake lawn, artificial turf


Choosing an artificial turf material for your needs will depend on the specific purpose of installation, your taste of living and certainly your budget. Try to do a lot of healthy research before going for a product as you are on your way to making an investment that will last for a decade to come. Research and science has enabled us to get the advantages of a lifelike turf at “zero” maintenance and amazing benefits. Here are some points to take note of.