What is Artificial Turf?


'Artificial Turf' or 'Synthetic Turf' has been talked about quite a lot in the past few years. But, what really is it? We will try and explain you what it is and how is it different from the natural turf.


Be Creative With Artificial Grass


We at GardenMark have been supplying artificial grass products to our clients and trust us, we have got so many ideas from our clients as to how they want to make use of artificial turf other than the traditional usage in landscaping of homes or offices or in sports arenas. We are always here to welcome any ideas from you as to how you would like to use artificial turf. You can come up with your creative ideas and we will help you to turn your idea into reality.


Applications of Synthetic Grass That You Might Not Know


Synthetic Grass has now become a widely acceptable alternative for real grass. Synthetic turf is manufactured from a very sturdy versatile material that enables its application for various uses.


Usually, synthetic turf is related by people in general with usage in sports like Golf. But, due to the benefits of using synthetic grass compared to natural grass, there are a lot of applications that you might not know about.


Artificial Turf Myths Decoded


There are a lot of myths about "Artificial Turf" or "Fake Grass" that you might have heard. So, we thought that being experts and innovators in the field, we should help you to get correct information and decode these common myths. This will help you to make a decision as to why you can opt for Artificial turf instead of Natural turf.


5 Reasons to have an Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn, artificial turf, artificial grass


More often than not, there is a common belief that "Natural" is better than "Artificial". And although, that may be the case in a lot of scenarios or may be true for a lot of products, it is not necessarily true when we compare "Natural Grass" and "Artificial Grass".


Design gardens with artificial turf

Artificial lawn, artificial turf, fake grass


Water shortage, dry climate and increasing taxes are forcing professional landscapers and home gardeners to reduce the amount of area taken up by a lawn. Field is always better than lawn when it comes to use by humans. They don’t have hard paving, protruding rocks, muddy holes, or wooden decking. Lying down on a lawn too is much more comfortable that doing the same in a field. Fields also have ground cover plants which makes it an unsafe option for kids and pets to play around. Anything may be lurking beneath the small bushes. Artificial lawns have come a long way since it was first conceived in the form of AstroTurf.


Synthetic Turf for lawns safety

Synthetic turf landscaping is always a safe alternative. Mowing natural lawns is not only tiresome but every year we come across news of accidents about people getting injured and sometimes even getting killed. No one is willing to take this risk and more so when you have an alternative that can give as fresh a topography as a lush natural spread and with negligible maintenance costs. If you are risk loving and don’t mind a bit of injuries you might certainty appreciate the fact that safety here comes with lot less a price!


Benefits of artificial grass

There are people who think that having an artificial lawn is a pathetic idea, but there are more number of people who think otherwise and rightly so. The coming summer will definitely witness a lot more households from the suburban areas install yards of artificial grass. It looks lifelike and unaware guests will certainly be fooled by the amount of maintenance you can actually work upon. The pets on the other hand never seem to realize that it is actually fake grass.